Get more views on Youtube With Google My Business.

ho to increase youtube views

Google My Business to increase Youtube Views ?

Exactly. You can actually leverage Google My Business to increase the visibility of your Youtube videos and get more views easily without making much effort.

In this guide you will find out that you can get more traffic to your video on youtube from a different manner that only a very few youtubers like you and me are fortunate to exploit.

How does Google My Business help ?

The short answer is that your video will be found on the first page of Google Google !

my business is such a handy tool for SEO’s to easily drive traffic to their websites and blogs. The significant factor which makes Google my business favorable to us is that it’s easy to rank on Google especially when it comes to local SEO.

GMB also has this amazing features called labels to make them keyword friendly. So for Most of your keywords/labels that you add in My business page you rank easily.

How to use Google My Business to increase Youtube views.

Google Business has this useful feature called posts.

how to increase youtube views

How you can use this post feature is like , every time you publish a new video in youtube , You can create post on it on Google My Business page !

You can either take a screenshot of the video or use your youtube thumbnail to post.

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If you wish to increase CTR more you can actually put a Youtube Icon on this picture using designing tools like canva.

how to get more views on youtube
I hope Mkbhd never mind

Next thing you need to do is create a description for your GMB post along with the picture.

While you create the description make sure that you are using an SEO (optimized for Google,Bing) friendly one.

Which basically means include keywords , especially long tail keywords. Look over to that famous youtuber in your niche and grab ideas from his or her video titles and descriptions, check the tags they are using on their video and use it for your content.

Link Post to Video

increase youtube subscribers

Next important step is after you have decided the description and post picture , below the post section you can find add a button option , over there choose “Learn more” button and paste your Youtube video link in the box below and Click Post it. Thats it.

How your post look on Google

how to get more views on youtube for free

Here they are using a share button , but different types of buttons are available.

When Someone click on Learn more button they will be Redirected to Your youtube video only !

You can use this feature not for just images but also for your Blog posts and for more !

Steps !

  • Create a post in Google my Business
  • Add Eye catchy image
  • Add SEO optimized description
  • Choose Button,- Learn more !
  • Put Link to video
  • Post !

Things to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure your Business page is optimized with labels aka keywords long tail. Reference
  2. Create posts that comply with Google my business policies.
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