How to generate xml sitemap for Google search console / wordpress

What is sitemap?

A sitemap.xml is a file which you use to communicate about the pages , paths , tags, posts, etc on your blog/website to webmaster tools like Google search console, Bing webmaster tools.

Why sitemaps are important ?

  • An xml sitemap helps Search bots like Google bot to recognize the pages and all other url’s associated with your blog/ Website.
  • Your web pages appear in search results faster.
  • Search engines index your pages faster.
  • Improves overall traffic.

How to generate xml sitemaps

Sitemap generator tools are easily available online. You can generate sitemaps for google , or any other webmaster tools without any difficulties


  • Go to xmlsitemaps.com
  • type in your Domain/URL
  • click start
  • view sitemap details
  • download sitemap.xml

There is a better method for WordPress users listed below

Automate sitemap with Yost Seo plugin for wordpress

Creating a sitemap is easy.But the file you once created will go outdated when you add new pages/post to your blog or website. But what if there is a better way to generate sitemaps and updates the sitemap with Google search console every time you create new post or pages, automatically ?

Yes you can automate sitemap updating process with Yost

Yost seo plugin for wordpress will automatically update sitemap.xml file with new urls whenever you post a new content so that Google crawl and index your pages much faster. To install Yost plugin head over to Yost wordpress seo plugin

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How yost seo plugin is helpful ?

  • The yost seo plugin helps you with on page seo.
  • once you linked your Google search console with yost , the plugin will update the sitemap file uploaded to Search console everytime you update content on your blog.
  • And so much more seo tools to help you.

That’s it you have created xml sitemap for google, Bing or whichever you would like to.

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