How to Implement structured data markups for Healthcare Websites ?

Structured data Aggregate rating stars schema

Structured data or schema markups has been there for a while.There are

different types of schema markup ‘s available for medical or health care

websites. But its’s a bit tricky to get the results you’re looking for.

Example ; to get a star rating aggregrate rating snippet, you need to know the right combination.The info I share in this article is the result of a case study that I experienced while working for my medical domain clients.

Types of schema markups available for healthcare websites.

Different types of schema markups are available for healthcare websites. Like Hospital , Medical Clinic, Dentist etc. More types of schemas are available at schema.org for healthcare domain.

Purpose of schema/structured data markups ?

Schemas ultimately serves two purposes.

1. To provide defined and Structured information to search engines , so that they can understand your website and content easier.

2. To enhance search appearance of your search results.

How to Properly implement structured data.

Here comes the important thing , there are different of schemas available. But if you are looking to get aggregate review or star rating under your search results you can’t get that with every type of schemas.

For example if you choose schema type as Medical clinic and you wish combine your Google my business reviews , its possible to generate the code but ├ás I have noticed from my working experience only schemas that choose ‘Hospital’ as the type , are found to have these rating stars in the search engine results page or SERP. If you were wondering why your search results don’t have the star rating which u put in the code , this is the answer.

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Google doesn’t show aggregate rating stars to all kind of schemas for healthcare websites. As of now the type hospital is the one that get us the star rating in the SERP.

Importance of star rating or Aggregate rating in Search ?

Including your business review ratings stars and the count of reviews helps you in different ways .

1 Your search results will stand apart from rest of the results with no rating snippets, because your listing will generate a feeling of trustworthiness and credibility among users who search for similar businesses like yours.

2. Snippets will get you more clicks , more clicks means Google will eventually finds out that your listing feels important or credible to users , Google uses this signal and improves your ranks in the SERP .c

How to generate Schema for medical-Healthcare websites.

We can use this tool called Hallanalysis to generate schemas. You need to choose Local business from type and then choose specific type as hospital or medical clinic. But choose Type as hospital to combine ratings schema along with local business schema for better results.

Code for local business / hospital schema

local business schema for hospital

Aggregate rating schema code

“aggregateRating”: {
“@type”: “AggregateRating”,
“ratingValue”: “4.9”,
“reviewCount”: “681”

How to combine local business schema with Aggregate rating schema.

You need to add the rating schema just after the description section of local business schema. Refer code below

Aggregate rating schema for medical seo
How to check and validate your code?

Before adding code to site , you need to check and validate the code. Use Google’s Structured data testing tool for this purpose.

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How to add structured data code to your website.

If you are using cms , most cms has the option to add codes like structured data , If you are not sure, you can sent code to your developer.

If you wish to add you can add the code to head section of the respective pages html.

How to add structured data for WordPress?

For WordPress you can use plugin called schema. It allows adding custom codes to posts. Generate the code and add using schema plugin to each of your posts. The plugin also has inbuilt capability for generating schema.

schema generator for wordpress

Things to keep in mind.

1.Structured data are for providing better information to search engines, so you must provide accurate values.

2.The reviews you are considering to communicate via schema codes, should be genuine and such information should be embedded on your site.

That’s it. Try generating schemas and submit it to search consoles. For any assistance provide your feedback below. Thanks for reading this article, Please consider sharing to someone who needs to see this.

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