How to start a Blog in WordPress easily


  • A blog is a web platform where an author posts content. Blogging is a popular way of writing one’s thoughts on the internet. Usually a blog is something public, accessible world wide and often interractable through comments and messages.

How to start ?

1. Choose a niche that works for you.

Each blogger blogs on particular subject. Choosing a niche is the important part. It determines the richness of your content and moreover its better to write on your interest area which you are very passionate about, because you wanna run the blog for a long time, don’t you ? and you don’t want to run out of juice right?

The Technicalities of creating a blog

1. Get a Domain name that fits

You need to buy a domain name. You can do it from any of those Domain name Registrars , like GoDaddy, bluehost , namecheap , Hostgator etc

Search for the Domain name you desire , purchase it if its available. If not available choose another one that matches with your original idea for a Domain name.

2. Hosting your Blog

So you’ve bought a domain name/address for your blog. The next thing you need to have a hosting space , on a server , its required because thats where the whole files related with your blog is gonna get stored.

Create a Hosting account with a hosting provider like Hostinger, Bluehost, A2 Hosting, GoDaddy etc.

All hosting providers comes with different packages and features choose the one that fit your budget and requirements.keep in mind these qualities and features hosting provider offers like Reliability , speed, sufficient storage, support , dedicated Email address Cpanel support , php7+ while choosing the hosting service.

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3. Connect your Domain & Hosting space.

After you hired hosting space, you need to connect the domain with your Hosting space.

For that you will get an email from your hosting provider. The email might takes a few minutes to appear in your inbox, in certain cases the email appears within your hosting account . The email should contains important informations like Nameservers, Cpanel URL , etc

To establish the connection between Domain and Hosting space,

1.Go to Domain Manager in that website where you purchased the domain.

2. Copy Nameservers address from that Email , your hosting site sent you.

3. Paste those two addresses in Names servers option in your Domain maanger and Save them.

4. To check whether the name servers updated with domain manager and established a connection , go to intoDNS , enter your domain url and check for the latest update report.

Now that you have successfully connected your Domain with Server.

Installing WordPress – Easiest way

We have reached the last step. We have to install WordPress on your blog. The easiest method is to Find a Quick install or Softwares or a similar option Within your Dashboard of the hosting account.

Choose WordPress install , click on install now . It will take a few seconds to complete installation. After the installation go to WordPress Dashboard , Provide your Blog url as WordPress url find the url to your Admin page and do necessary changes. That’s it. You’ve Started your Blog!

Refer at wordpress

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