Must have Digital marketing Certifications 2020

Hello there. Digital marketing is a trending career option these days. Many of you might be wondering like can you do online marketing courses and how to get these digital marketing certifications online .There are a bunch of trusted digital marketing training Providers available on the internet like Google and hubspot where you can master the techniques of internet marketing. Courses like Social media marketing course, Content Marketing Certification , Google AdWords Certification , Inbound Marketing Certification and much more are available.

Lets Find out which all certifications required for Digital marketing jobs ? and how to get digital marketing certification online ?

Free digital marketing certifications

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing : Google

A digital marketing certification from google feels great right? This is a free digital marketing certification course provided by Google the giant with accreditation fromInteractive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and The Open University This is a basic fundamentals course which helps you learn the very basics of Online marketing. If you are new to the idea of Digital marketing this is the course you can start with. The program includes 26 modules developed by experts from Google. The learning platform is interactive and each module contains practical examples & video explanations to help you understand easily. After each module a short test will be conducted to check your knowledge and at the end one final exam to grab your Certification from Google.

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Hubspot certifications


Hubspot is a great resource for digital marketing learners. Hubspot offers variety of courses like Inbound marketing, Email marketing , SEO , YouTube marketing , Social media Marketing and Content marketing. Hubspot adds new study materials and certifications timely. These courses are beginer friendly and totally free.

Google ads certification

Google’s Academy of ads platform provides certification for those who excel in creating google ads. This certification is useful for showcasing professional excellence in creating and managing Ads. You need to pass the fundamentals examination and later you can choose additional certifications for Display ads, mobile ads , search advertising etc. The certification expires after one year.The certification is free of cost.

Google Analytics

Analytics helps you measure and understand better with data driven reports. The certification includes multiple levels certifications ie for beginners , advanced and Power users of Analytics. This is a free course that makes you understand the performance of a business/ website.

Facebook Blueprint certification

Facebook offers two certifications to acquire proficiency over Facebook family products. The Facebook planning professional certification includes contents like Managing Facebook pages , Developing successful campaigns , understanding audience insights etc.

The Facebook certified buying professional certification is for professional who are excellent in creating and buying campaigns. The course content includes Facebook advertising objectives , audience selection , understanding and testing pixel and sdk etc. The certification badges are valid only for 12 months. There is seperate examination for these two certifications.link

Twitter Flight school Certification

Twitter flight school program is developed for providing a deeper understanding of twitter functionalities. The certification covers how you can successfully engage with large audience on Twitter and how a business can be grown , tips to generate sales , drive traffic to compete your objectives, managing campaigns etc . Recognition from Twitter with helps you in your career . The certification is free of cost and Time duration required is less than an hour.

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Bing ads certification

Microsoft Bing ads certification training is a free certification. The program helps you learn the advertising stratgies required to stay ahead in the game. You will learn how to optimise campaigns for maximum results , Bing ads reporting & tools. The certification is free provides printable certificate and other benefits within bing community.


You can avail free Digital marketing certifications from Reputed companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft . These certifications help you land on a career in digital marketing also you can manage your business online with your acquired knowledge and skills.

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