VAST url twitter explained

What’s VAST tag

VAST stands for “Video Ad serving template“. Developed by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) as a standardized template for in stream video ads.VAST as ascript or code, is placed in publisher’s platforms like webpages , Apps etc. As the code runs VAST send response to Adserver. VAST tells the ad server which ad content should be shown according to the preset targeting criteria set by the advertiser. AIB Guidelines

How VAST tags are useful.

  • VAST makes easy communication between the Ad server and video players.
  • VAST is a framework developed for better serving of ads.
  • VAST tag helps advertisers to show ads on related in stream video content. (example:Baseball bat ad on a baseball video)
  • With VAST advertisers can target audience by demographic and audience interests .
  • For example A Content regarding a new smart phone , can be attached with an ad about that smartphone itself.
  • VAST lets Advertisers to specify which all metrics are to be tracked.
  • Better targeting , customised ad delivery , better positioning , better tracking .

VAST url in Twitter

Twitter recently added pre-roll ads partnership with several partners. With the broadening  of twitter with large advertising market twitter added VAST tag/url support. This addition helps advertisers to get better ad results , desired metrics and better targeting for Advertisers on twitter. Since AIB is standardizing Ad framework twitter should be introducing the same. Another reason is twitter is expanding ad partner network.  Adparlor is one twitter partner with full VAST tag support. The introduction of VAST tag will have huge impact over how ads are served in Social media platform.

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Why VAST Introduced

VAST was introduced to bridge the gap between Adserver and ad video player. The AIB made video advertising more standardized industry wide with VAST. VAST gaves more control and data to advertisers.

These days more users are using ad blockers in their browsers. So conventional ad frameworks doesn’t provide advertisers the results they requires. 

VAST and Video player communication

VAST script send response to users video players regarding. The communication is about

  • Which ad to show
  • When ad should pop up
  • length of ad
  • skipping of ad
  • advertiser url

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